Tuesday, 14 September 2010

So long and thanks for all the CCTV

Its been five days since the demise of Big Brother and everyone is still reeling with the loss of fictional reality. The British public have been readjusting, albeit painfully, to the prospect of an endless void unpopulated by caricatures from the very worst corners of British banality and celebrity.

The first notable reaction to the public loss was an idle euphoria in the form of gleaming television reviews, this was closely followed by historical appraisals of the show, replaying the nation their favourite moments that somehow defined millions of moments of pure nothingness.

Later, attentions turned to the tragic nature of the loss; what will Davina do? What would Jade do? What will WE do!? Well, Davina should have diversified her talents a little further afield than just hollow observations of the contestants time and subsequent failure at life in the house. And, of course, Jade, poor misunderstood Jade, the real people's princess. She, who showed that a lifeless and unintelligible entity could somehow become a household name, a by-word for pliability and devolving any self-empowerment to the powers that be.

Now is the task of moving forward, moving on with our lives, finding real people to hate, real people to love, real people to share all those manipulated emotions with. We will learn how to read one another again without the auto-cues of well edited television. We are all back in the grey area where the villains, the dunces and the losers all dwell side by side and all around us, even within us.

Most importantly we must, even will, learn to understand ourselves again, learn to cope with that hole, that void that needs filling without thought or effort. That hole, ironically, only exists when your mind is in the 'on' position and is looking for something to do, some form of stimulus and instead we will all look for escape; constant masturbation, drinking and war will fight for dominance of the void. All the while we will gradually remember that the real world is just a simulacrum of the big brother house and then, all of that pent up prejudice and bias will find another more organic release in those we find thrust into our empty lives.


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