Sunday, 14 June 2009

so fresh and so clean

2manyDJs have done something very new and VERY fresh, it's fairly easy to explain, but it's not that easy to express. Basically it runs something like this:

2 many DJs live
artwork for the playing track
artwork playing in time to the music
plus artwork for the cue-ed up track.

So, what it is like is a bit like VJing, but more like YOUR I-tunes, but smarter. Basically, think of the two of them djing, but as soon as they cue the next track you see visuals for it on a HUGE screen, mixing in and out of the visuals for the track that is playing right now (hypothetically), and it's all in time to the music. A HUGE example would be an image of Beth Ditto singing along to 'Standing in the Way of Control' in gif.

In real life it's ingenious. Why hasn't anyone thought of it sooner?

it's a bit like this... but about a million times better


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